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Implications for Healthcare Private Equity Investors in Europe王者荣耀赌外围,王者荣耀赛事赌博?,英雄联盟比赛竞猜

Leaders with Bain's Private Equity and Healthcare practices explain how the Covid-19 pandemic is affecting European private equity investors in the healthcare sector and what companies are doing to recover


Implications for Healthcare Private Equity Investors in Europe

As with every industry, the healthcare sector has been affected by the Covid-19 crisis and the resulting economic downturn. Hugh MacArthur, global head of Bain's Private Equity practice, and Franz-Robert Klingan and Dmitry Podpolny, both leaders with Bain’s Private Equity and Healthcare practices in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, share their perspectives on European private equity investments in the healthcare sector, explaining what steps firms are taking now to weather the downturn and best position themselves for recovery.

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