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BCN Roles

Global Shared Services王者荣耀赌外围,王者荣耀赛事赌博?,英雄联盟比赛竞猜

Global Shared Services王者荣耀赌外围,王者荣耀赛事赌博?,英雄联盟比赛竞猜

Collaborate with Bain's global corporate departments

What You'll Do王者荣耀赌外围,王者荣耀赛事赌博?,英雄联盟比赛竞猜

What You'll Do王者荣耀赌外围,王者荣耀赛事赌博?,英雄联盟比赛竞猜

The Shared Services group strengthens Bain's global operational teams by catering to organizational needs, from developing state-of-the-art software applications to streamlining processes in a truly agile manner.

The Shared Services group consists of team members from a variety of Bain's corporate departments:

  • Global Operations: Agile software, QA, database, SharePoint, infrastructure operations
  • Legal: Case file management, professional standards
  • Human Capital: Global training, employee engagement, talent management, benefits
  • Marketing: CRM, public and alumni relations, editorial, digital assets, client advocacy, corporate affairs
  • ADAPT: Digital technologies to create/transform business, products and services
  • Graphics: APAC regional graphics support for case teams

Career Path王者荣耀赌外围,王者荣耀赛事赌博?,英雄联盟比赛竞猜

Career Path王者荣耀赌外围,王者荣耀赛事赌博?,英雄联盟比赛竞猜

The Global Shared Services group strengthens Bain's operational teams by collaborating with the firm's global corporate departments.

  • Individual contributor: Seamlessly deliver to defined tasks and work allocation; contribute to larger case or work stream, sharing ideas on problem solving, work structuring and project management
  • Specialist (seasoned professional): Work as a subject matter expert and in-house specialist in a chosen domain; effectively collaborate with Bain teams to solve internal and client issues
  • Team leader (experienced professional): Work as a lead on a team/function, aligning on scope and priorities with internal clients/stakeholders and managing delivery along with team members' professional development

Committed to Your Professional Development王者荣耀赌外围,王者荣耀赛事赌博?,英雄联盟比赛竞猜

Committed to Your Professional Development王者荣耀赌外围,王者荣耀赛事赌博?,英雄联盟比赛竞猜

We firmly believe that working with great people in a supportive culture is the best way to achieve your full potential. A career at the BCN lets you apply your experience and expertise on a truly global stage.王者荣耀赌外围,王者荣耀赛事赌博?,英雄联盟比赛竞猜

Interaction with Global Teams王者荣耀赌外围,王者荣耀赛事赌博?,英雄联盟比赛竞猜

As part of Bain's worldwide network, members of the BCN work directly with Bain's global offices, presenting their work to partners and managers all over the world. This interaction with global teams provides international exposure and exceptional networking opportunities.


Bain offers regular global and local training programs to continuously enhance our teams' skills. At the BCN, we place a strong emphasis on professional development through coaching and mentoring.

Transfers & Externships王者荣耀赌外围,王者荣耀赛事赌博?,英雄联盟比赛竞猜

Members of Bain's global consulting staff frequently transfer to the BCN to serve as team leaders. In addition, the BCN offers need-based transfer and externship opportunities to build cross-cultural exposure and broaden expertise. Examples include case transfers to New York and externships with Dasra, a philanthropic foundation.

What We Look For
  • Robust analytical and problem-solving skill set
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Learning agility with the ability to adapt
  • Consistent academic track record and extracurricular interests
  • Relevant industry experience and domain specialization
  • Team players with the ability to lead

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How can we help you?王者荣耀赌外围,王者荣耀赛事赌博?,英雄联盟比赛竞猜