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Офисы Bain


38 Beach Road
Level 15
South Beach Tower

Singapore, 189767


Welcome to Bain Singapore王者荣耀赌外围,王者荣耀赛事赌博?,英雄联盟比赛竞猜

Officially opened in 1993, Bain’s Singapore office operates in conjunction with our Bangkok, Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur teams as Bain Southeast Asia. Our experts in Southeast Asia share a passion for results and bring a diverse set of skills and industry experience to each client engagement. We understand the complexities and challenges facing businesses operating in Southeast Asia—the diversity of languages, cultures, political systems and markets in the region. We look at businesses from a chief executive's perspective, and we work together as "one team" to achieve enduring results.

Our Team王者荣耀赌外围,王者荣耀赛事赌博?,英雄联盟比赛竞猜



Social Impact王者荣耀赌外围,王者荣耀赛事赌博?,英雄联盟比赛竞猜

Social Impact王者荣耀赌外围,王者荣耀赛事赌博?,英雄联盟比赛竞猜

Bain Southeast Asia has become an active contributor to the local community through our social impact program. Our employees get personal fulfillment through delivering results—not only for their corporate clients but also for nonprofit organizations. 王者荣耀赌外围,王者荣耀赛事赌博?,英雄联盟比赛竞猜

Pro Bono Consulting王者荣耀赌外围,王者荣耀赛事赌博?,英雄联盟比赛竞猜

Bain is regularly involved in pro bono projects through which we provide consulting services to nonprofit organizations. We have worked with the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Center to refresh its strategy; the Enabling Employers Network to develop and implement an evaluation system to recognize companies’ efforts in employing people with disabilities; and United World College South East Asia to develop the foundation’s strategies.

Centre for Non-Profit Leadership and Social Enterprise Assocation王者荣耀赌外围,王者荣耀赛事赌博?,英雄联盟比赛竞猜

Our social impact team works extensively with partners in the nonprofit and social enterprise space that are focused on training, mentoring and development. For example, we offer executive training workshops and strategy support for the Centre for Non-Profit Leadership and the Social Enterprise Association.

Community Days王者荣耀赌外围,王者荣耀赛事赌博?,英雄联盟比赛竞猜

To complement our pro bono consulting services, we also organize community days throughout the year for the wider office to participate in volunteer activities. Past activities have included visiting the zoo with children from the Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore; cleaning up the beach at Pulau Ubin; providing career advice for students at Victoria Junior College; and visiting the Henderson nursing home.


Singapore office王者荣耀赌外围,王者荣耀赛事赌博?,英雄联盟比赛竞猜

38 Beach Road
Level 15
South Beach Tower

Singapore, 189767

Business Contact王者荣耀赌外围,王者荣耀赛事赌博?,英雄联盟比赛竞猜


Local Media/Public Relations王者荣耀赌外围,王者荣耀赛事赌博?,英雄联盟比赛竞猜

Juliana Ong

Phone: +65 6228 1025

International and Corporate Media/Public Relations王者荣耀赌外围,王者荣耀赛事赌博?,英雄联盟比赛竞猜

Nicholas Worley

Phone: +852 2978 8830


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